Upcoming Sassy Sauce Demo

If you have been wanting to see and taste the Sassy Sauce Demo I have mentioned, here is a list of upcoming events in WI and surrounding areas;

Friday May 4th 2-6 pm                   KC at Cermak on Barclay (1st and Greenfield)

Saturday May 5th 10am-2pm        KK at Albrechts Sentry Delafield

Sunday May 6th  10am-2pm          KC at Brookfield Piggly Wiggly, demo dressing (124th and North Ave)

Friday May 11th 2-6 pm                KC Sendik’s on Downer (lots of flavors here)

Friday May 11th 2-6 pm                KK Delavan Piggly Wiggly

Saturday May 12th 9am-1pm      KC Viking Village Reedsburg, WI

Saturday May 12th            2-6pm   KC (tba, Dells area)

Saturday May 12th            10-3?     KK at Old Mill Creek Antioch, IL (Car Show)

Friday May 18th 2-6 pm                 KC Karl’s Country Meats Menomonee Falls

May 19th Saturday 10-2               KK    Woodmans Oak Creek?   (awaiting confirmation)

May 19th Saturday 8am- 1 pm   KC   Woodmans Janesville? (awaiting confirmation)

May 19th Saturday 2pm-7pm    KC   Woodmans Beloit? (awaiting confirmation)

Thursday May 2th noon- 6 pm  KC @ Woodmans Appleton, WI

Friday May 25th noon- 6 pm      KC @ Woodmans Green Bay, WI

Saturday June 16th 9am- 3 pm  KC @ Bunzel’s Meats on Burleigh St

Please check the Sassy Sauce Lady facebook page for any additional details and to confirm, in case the schedule changes.  https://www.facebook.com/SassySauceLady/


Make it a great day!

🙂 KC, aka Sassy Sauce Lady

WI Brand Ambassador @ Carfagnas.com

Please note that I have also listed demos for KK which is my coworker Katherine. She is not as sassy as KC, but equally as excited about real food.

Want to Shred Your Old Health Habits? Join Shred10 on Sept 11

Shred10 people

We are looking for a few people who are ready to jumpstart their health and shred their unhealthy habits.  Many people find it difficult to stay on track using the many crazy diets and exercise plans they have tried in the past. We’ve been there. You are so desperate to lose weight, you will try anything. All those fad diets can do some major damage to your body. What you really need is REAL food so your body can function at optimal performance. What I mean by REAL food is fruits and vegetables that your body recognizes and knows how to digest.

This is why Shred10 works so well.  You have an easy-to-follow system which encourages you to eat good clean organic food, rich in essential nutrients. You have all the tools, coaches, recipes, support and guidance you need to succeed.  You know that anybody can handle 10 days of change, right? We know you can do it because we have gone through it ourselves and will be right there with you along the way.

Have you always wanted to hire a health coach but didn’t think you could afford it? This is one of those positive health plans you CAN DO. There are lots of options price-wise, so it will fit into any budget. What price are you paying in the long run when you continue to feed your body junk food?

If you are ready to make a clean start towards real health, visit the link here;  http://intro.shred10.com/  then email or text KC for more information Karinmconway@gmail.com or text 414-687-9900.

Shred10 was created by the Juice Plus company. They are one of the most heavily researched companies, so you know what you are getting is real, good, clean food. (in a capsule or chewable form) They make it easy to get a plethora of fruits and vegetables in your system easily, and at a fraction of the cost of buying all those foods!

You CAN DO it. Let me know if you’re ready and joining us for the Shred10 on September 11th to kick some old habits to the curb and welcome in more energy, feeling great, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach


Mobil/ text:  (414) 687-9900


Blog: http://organicgrowthcoach.com/

Planting Seeds of Change