Signs That You Need to Quit Wheat

Dr Mercola just published a great article that can help explain how wheat destroys your guts and why it might be a good idea to avoid it. You don’t have to be diagnosed with Celiac. Maybe you just have brain fog, stomach aches, etc. Check it out before its too late and your stomach is unable to digest nutrients.

My own personal experience with quitting wheat included being able to wake up and actually breathe. I didn’t know how lousy it was making me feel, because that was my “norm”. Once I quit and got through the withdrawal time, I was happy to say my body reacted nicely. I skinned up and was able to think clearly.  Since my breathing passages were no longer inflamed I could breathe freely. I would highly recommend it!

If your gut instinct (or pain) is telling you to try something different, try going without the wheat and let me know how great you feel. Yes, wheat is an addiction so it might make you feel lousy while you go through withdrawal. It is completely worth it! If you feel like a zombie screaming, “I gotta have my pizza!!!” you’re not alone.

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Make it a great day!

🙂 KC

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach


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