Hay of the Day + Philosophy of Louise Hay

philosophy of Louise Hay

Have you heard of Louise Hay and the idea that thoughts become things? I love this concept and truly believe it. Louise wrote a beautiful book entitled “You Can Heal Your Life” and I own a copy. I am sharing the philosophy of Louise Hay page with you in hopes that it will inspire you to make positive changes in your life and also encourage me to do the same.

I just adore Louise for all the great things she brought to this world. She transitioned 2 years ago and lived to be 90 years old. I wish I had the chance to meet her during this lifetime. Maybe next time around? Here is a link to her obituary if you want to get a feel for her. Louise Hay Obit.

Today I would like to share her page that introduces her philosophy. In my book it is page 9. She says that we create every so-called illness in our body. We suffer from guilt, self-hatred and the many other maladies that these past patterns manifest in our bodies. Letting go of resentment, criticism and guilt can dissolve even the worst of offenders, even cancer she said.

We must release the past and forgive everyone… including ourselves. Wow, that’s a tough one! We must begin to love ourselves and practice self-approval and self-acceptance if we wish to experience positive changes.

Louise says that every thought we think is creating our future and we are responsible for all of our experiences. Responsibility can be hard to swallow since we all seem to like blaming others for all the things that go wrong in our lives. She believed that the point of power is now in the present moment and that all thoughts are just that…only thoughts and they can be changed.

Isn’t this a nice thought? “When we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.”

Stay tuned for more posts from Louise’s books or maybe a book published by Hay House. There are so many good ones to share!

Philosophy of Louise Hay

Make it a great day…only you can make up your mind to do anything. KC 😊

Karin Conway

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Planting Seeds of Change

Come Taste the SASSY SAUCE Everyone is Talking About

You may have heard me mention THE SASSY SAUCE or even tasted a jar of Carfagna’s in the past. I absolutely love this sauce because they keep it clean.  The chefs at Carfagna’s don’t add chemicals, preservatives you can’t pronounce, High Fructose Corn Syrup (YUCK!), or any other junk you don’t want to eat. It is a short clean list of ingredients you will love.

Come see what everyone is talking about and taste the best sauce ever!


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June 23rd Saturday (Chicago area) Woodmans in Carpentersville from 2- 6:30pm

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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Tomorrow is #CSADay. http://csaday.info/

When you hear someone ask, “where does your food come from?” you might want to respond with something sassy like “DUH, the grocery store.”

My challenge to you is to learn what is really in packaged processed goods (most are not very good at all) and consider eating more fresh fruits and vegetables.  I can help if you have no idea where to start.

If you are familiar with CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), consider signing up for a food share this season. Tomorrow is #CSADay and its a perfect time to sign up to get real food on a regular basis. Most local farmers deliver to a set location on a certain day of the week. You receive a share of whatever they produce each week.  This is a fabulous way to get seasonal local food. Since the variety of fresh food changes each week, it’s always exciting to see what shows up in your farm fresh box of food.

If you have no idea where to start and you are not familiar with any local farm CSAs, consider attending the Local Farmer Open House. It’s happening in Milwaukee on Saturday March 10th at the Urban Ecology Center Riverside Park. (1500 E. Park Pl. Milwaukee, WI 53211)

Register here; Local Farmer Open House Registration

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach




Planting Seeds of Change

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