Who Knew Salad Could Be So Much Fun? Come to a Salad in a Jar Party and Find Out For Yourself

Do you struggle to eat enough fresh wholesome food? Join us for a Salad in a Jar Party in the Milwaukee area and find out for yourself how good you can feel when you eat real food and hang out with some really fun people. We always start with making up our salads and then sometimes finish with a dance party and karaoke sing off.

If you are ready to make some healthy changes join us Wednesday January 8th, Wednesday January 15th, or Friday January 24th. These events will all be posted to facebook and highlighted on the Organic Growth Coach page. https://www.facebook.com/TheOrganicGrowthCoach/

Please make sure to register on eventbrite and look there for the Google doc link to see the ingredient list so you know what to bring along to share. What’s so nice about these gatherings is that we each bring just a couple ingredients and leave with salads for the week with tons of different ingredients. It makes great sense economically and its always nice to know you are not alone in your quest to eat healthier.

Eventbrite 1-8-20   https://tomsalad1-8-20.eventbrite.com         

Eventbrite 1-15-20  https://kcsalad1-15-20.eventbrite.com

Eventbrite 1-24-20 https://tom-salad-1-24-20.eventbrite.com

The agenda will go something like this;

Everyone arrives (on time) at 6:30 ish and grabs a glass of wine, or another beverage.

We all place our prepared ingredients on the table with our serving utensils so people can easily fill their jars.

We take a few minutes to introduce the Shred10 plan for detoxing your body using whole food and reasonable lifestyle changes.

We each grab a jar (or whatever containers you have available) and start moving around the table to fill up our salads for the week. Once you are done, you are free to go or stick around and enjoy some conversation and camaraderie. Below is a pick of some salads my friend Suzy and I made up recently. Yum-me!!

Some cool healthy peeps with their salads! 🙂