Come See the Sassy Sauce Lady and Join The Club

Come see KC aka the Sassy Sauce Lady at the following demonstrations;

Oct  27  Saturday       10 am – 2 pm   KC @ Lake Geneva Country Meats

Oct  27  Saturday        3:30pm – 7:30pm  KC @ Piggly Wiggly Lake Geneva

Oct  28  Sunday          10 am  – 2 pm          KC @ Piggly Wiggly Oak Creek  (Packers 3:25pm)

Nov 2  Friday            12pm – 5 pm            KC @ Bunzels Meats Wauwatosa

Nov 3  Saturday       9 am – 1pm             KC at Sorgs in Darien, WI

Nov 3  Saturday       2 pm – 6pm             KC @ Piggly Wiggly Milton

Nov 4  Sunday          10 am  – 2 pm          KC @ Woodmans Appleton

Nov 5  Monday        2pm – 6 pm              KC @  Woodmans Green Bay

You may have heard me mention THE SASSY SAUCE or even tasted a jar of Carfagna’s in the past. I absolutely love this sauce because they keep it clean.  The chefs at Carfagna’s don’t add chemicals, preservatives you can’t pronounce, High Fructose Corn Syrup (YUCK!), or any other junk you don’t want to eat. It is a short clean list of ingredients you will love.

Come see what everyone is talking about and taste the best sauce ever!

Check out (Please LIKE) my facebook page to see where I will be.

Join the club when you make a purchase during the demo. We’ll send you your own fun red shirt to enjoy.