Sunscreen More Deadly Than Sun Exposure?

Before you run out into the warm weather (finally!) and get sunburned, check out this Dr Mercola article. He is THE MAN when it comes to natural health. His article questions what is worse, sun exposure or sunscreen? The consensus is that most sunscreens use far more toxic chemicals that could be more deadly than the risk of cancer from sun exposure.

Natural Sunlight Is Far and Away the Best Way to Get Your Vitamin D! There is a delicate balance depending on your skin type. You need the good rays (UVB) for healthy Vitamin D production, but you don’t want to stay in the sun too long and get burned by the damaging rays (UVA).

Read full article here;

My favorite take-away is the list of chemicals to avoid.  Here is a snipet;

If Your Sunscreen Contains Any of These Chemicals That I Consider Dangerous and Potentially Life Threatening, Do Yourself a BIG Favor…

Harmful Chemicals in a Sunscreen
Toss your sunscreen in the trash if it contains any of these chemicals I consider potentially harmful.

Dump it now.

Yes, that’s right. Toss your sunscreen in the trash if it contains any of these questionable chemicals:

  • Para amino benzoic acid…
  • Octyl salicyclate…
  • Avobenzone…
  • Oxybenzone…
  • Cinoxate…
  • Padimate O…
  • Dioxybenzone…
  • Phenylbenzimidazole…
  • Homosalate…
  • Sulisobenzone…
  • Menthyl anthranilate…
  • Trolamine salicyclate…
  • Octocrylene…

And, oh yes, let me not forget…

Potentially harmful chemicals such as dioxybenzone and oxybenzone (two chemicals I just mentioned) are some of the most powerful free radical generators known to man!

So if your sunscreen contains dioxybenzone, oxybenzone, or any of the other chemicals I just revealed, I highly recommend you switch to a formula that is safe and healthy for your skin.


I plan to visit a local pharmacy and see if they carry anything that is “safe” for your skin. I bet not, but am always hopeful.

I would recommend following Dr Mercola if you agree with his basic principles;

I get regular email updates and always learn something new.  I’m a firm believer in always adding to my toolbox of knowledge.

Karin Conway

Organic Growth Coach

Planting Seeds of Change

Sassy Sauce Lady Demo at Groppi’s Market Bayview

The Sassy Sauce Lady will be doing a sampling event at G. Groppi’s Market Bayview this Friday April 27th from 3- 7 pm. Come get your Friday fish fry and taste the best sauce ever!  Use it on pizza, pasta, veggies, as a dipping sauce, or whatever you can dream up!

There are so many simple and delicious ways to eat healthy while not breaking your budget. We will show you a few fast and easy ways to use the delicious Carfagna’s Pasta Sauce.

G. Groppi Food Market – Your Long Time Favorite Neighborhood Market (Best  Local Bayview Food Store)

We will be doing a food demo with Carfagna’s Pasta Sauces. Taste and see for yourself.  Once you try the best, its hard to settle for any of the rest.

Carfagna’s has a similar family history to Nehring’s and Groppi’s.

Groppi’s is well known for; Sausage, Cheese, Wine, Fresh Meat, Produce, Bakery, Deli, Seafood.

Check out Groppi’s Market Bayview online;

G. Groppi Food Market
Address: 1441 E Russell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207
Phone: (414) 747-9012

We look forward to seeing you Friday between 3 pm and 7 pm.

Make it a great day!  🙂

KC aka Sassy Sauce Lady



Sassy Sauce Lady at Layton Fruit Market Sunday

Come see the Sassy Sauce Lady

Sunday April 22nd from 10 am til 2 pm @ Layton Fruit Market

1838 E Layton Ave, St Francis, WI 53235

Layton Fruit Market is such a cool little shop with interesting high-quality items. Friendly, helpful staff and great food. Sounds good to me!

We will be doing a tasting with Carfagna’s Pasta Sauces. Taste and see for yourself.

Once you try the best, its hard to settle for any of the rest.


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KC aka Sassy Sauce Lady


Sassy Sauce Lady

The Sassy Sauce Lady will be coming to a store near you soon…. if you are in Wisconsin or nearby. We cover all of WI, part of IA, MN and IL.  Stop and visit to taste the best sauce ever, plus learn a few tricks on how to create fast, easy, healthy meals.

Some upcoming food demos include;

Saturday April 21st @ both Sentry Food Stores in Janesville

Sunday April 22nd @ Layton Fruit Market in Milwaukee (by the airport)

Friday April 27th @ Groppis Market in Bayview

Friday May 4th @ Cermak on Barclay in Walkers Point

Sassy Sauce Lady

Please stay posted as we launch a new page on facebook where we will post all upcoming opportunities to connect in person.